The decisions you make within your business during the next few months will determine how you overcome lower demand, higher interest rates, and overall unaffordability. The economic landscape is all in question. You can not do this alone. Invest in your greatest asset… your business.

Andrew Clark, Founder & Coach
Medway Realty

  • Top 5% brokerage in the State of Florida

  • Over 1000 homes sold in 2022

  • 175+ licensed agents

  • One of Highest Sales/Agent Ratio in Market


Medway Realty is the only brokerage that is primarily focused on the development of its agents. Medway Realty hires, trains, and develops licensed agents to market, promote, negotiate, and fulfill their commitments to their customers. Medway Realty is an elite Mindset, Skill Set, and Leadership training brokerage.


Learn Work Close Real Estate Agent Coaching and Training Programs offer specialized support for agents at all levels, facilitating mastery and collaboration in real estate. From the Inner Circle for Top Producers and Team Leaders to the Council for mid-level agents and the Real Estate Edition for newcomers and lower producers looking to increase their business, each program is meticulously crafted to address specific needs, ensuring growth, efficiency, and a strong foundation in real estate principles, marketing, and conversion strategies.


The 4 Quadrants of

Medway Realty trains and develops agents in 4 key quadrants of the Real Estate Business: Marketing, Sales, Systems, & Leadership. Each quadrant has a direct impact on the long term success of our agent’s business.

Develop your Mindset & Skill Set to Grow

The 12 Week Target Journal trains and conditions agents to take extreme ownership for their actions and outcomes. This offsets the struggle of figuring what to do and how to do it. This process has developed hundreds of average or non- producers to Top Producers.

Become a Master

Being just a “real estate agent” will not get you the results you want. Taking the standpoint of “I am a marketer” will allow you to scale your business. We train our agents on social media strategies, email campaigns, paid ads, podcasting, and everything in between. Know exactly what to say and what to do


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Agents of Medway Realty are provided with all of the resources necessary to successfully develop and grow their business into a multimillion dollar operation. Each agent is provided with a state of the art website, CRM, design center, and training library. This is in addition to the powerful sales meetings and workshops that will propel your growth. Agents have opportunities to learn from other top performers, receive insights on industry trends, while being in an environment that will help you get there. Here are a few of the resources that are available to our members.

Membership Network

Your Solution to All Things Real Estate

Here are all the perks that come with your membership

24 Hour Access

From the moment you Join you will have full access to the Managing Broker and Founder, as well as all of Medway Realty's Facilities 24/7.

IDX Website

Receive a high quality and customized personal website from to generate new leads. This IDX integrated site synchronizes effortlessly with your CRM.

Personal CRM

Lead generate by building stronger relationships with your leads, prospects, and existing customers. Create drip campaigns, stay in contact with customers with sms and auto responders.

Empire Members Training Modules

Our proven Training Modules include the in’s and outs of the purchase contract, listing agreements, and addendums, how to secure listings, how to conduct buyer presentations, lead generating, social media marketing, plus so much more.

Design Center

Create custom open house, just listed, just sold flyers, social media posts, listing presentations, buyer guides, plus so much more, all in a click of a button. Don’t spend hours deciding on fonts and layouts. It's all done for you.


A strong community is what distinguishes Medway Realty from other brokerages. Access exclusive live trainings, calendar events, and agent support. Learn about current trends, gain insights from top producing agents, share best practices & upcoming listings.

Agent Referral Program

For every agent that you recommend to the brokerage while apart of it, you will receive a referral payment every time that agent makes a sale for as long as you both remain with the company.
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Learn, Work, Close Coaching

Medway will lead you through an 6-month experience to leverage the mindset, skill set, and tools that have been proven to generate radical results.

With each new year brings new standards. Because of this Medway Realty provides FREC CE Accredited Courses to our agents for free.

Avoid the stale and lackluster training. Learn how to effectively and confidently protect your customer’s best interests. Our Managing Broker breaks down real life scenarios happening right now regarding the contract, to help navigate yourself and clients to a successful closing and/or resolution.

This customized coaching and consulting program serves as a catalyst for personal and business transformations for some of Florida’s top agents. Build the mindset and skillset of a top producer to improve and grow your business.

Join the founder, Andrew Clark along with other Top Producers in Real Estate.
Grab a front-row seat for these informative meetings that focus on training and achieving success in your Personal life and business.

"Medway Realty is an Elite Mindset, Skill Set, and Leadership Training Company."

Meet the Founder of Medway Realty; Andrew Clark

Andrew Clark


Andrew Clark is the Founder of Medway Realty, one of the most productive independently held real estate brokerages in Florida with over $400 Million in sales in 2022 alone. His current role is the lead coach and trainer for over 170+ agents through his Training and Coaching program. His unique strategies and skill set development of real estate professionals have made Medway Realty one of the the top sales/agent brokerages in his market.

Andrew has been in sales for over 35 years with the last 18 being in Real Estate, with a proven personal sales record and having stepped out of production 8 years ago to become a full time broker, coach and mentor to his team of agents. Andrew appeared on HGTV Househunters in which he facilitated the successful sale of a $3m condo.

Andrew Clark shares his approach and lessons learned along the way with all of his small group and agent sessions. His philosophy is “No, I don’t have it all figured out, but somehow I always figure it out”. A varied history in business having huge success, taken risks and suffered failure only to make it back again, has made Andrew a refreshing change in the real estate industry to inspire and lead Medway Realty from a small team of 3 agents to a large company of professionals who have sold several Billions of Dollars in Real Estate.

Andrew’s business approach is based on a principle of conducting the small, “correct” actions in all facets of your life everyday.  A strong supporter of family values and a “work hard, play hard” mentality, this simple practice has ignited him and created a multi million dollar entrepreneur.

"Medway Realty is an elite Mindset, Skill Set, and Leadership Training Company."

Home to over 175+ Agents; Medway Realty is one of
Florida's Fastest Growing Independent Brokerages.

Medway Realty has one of the highest sales per agent ratio in the state. This means you will be surrounded by more top producing agents than anywhere else. This is not the place to simply "hang" your license. Agents are here to grow.


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“Andrew has given me the opportunity to exceed in real estate with his “hands on coaching” approach which has directly enabled me to continue making my 6+ figure income. Read more

Lynne Dowd

Lynne Dowd PNG.png

“My wife and I were in a major national brokerage for many years and were top agents. We changed to Medway a few years ago and have been quite satisfied with the decision. Read more

Eric & Sally Martell

Brad Grubenhoff

“If you are looking for a Brokerage that will provide you a plan for success look no further. Medway realty is the place for you, from 25-30 leads a month, state of the art technology and unparalleled support Medway ensures that if you want to be successful you have all the tools to do so.”

Bradley Grubenhoff

"Not only does Medway Realty provide great training, but Andrew offers the best agent support I have seen anywhere, and is always accessible!"

Gary Hofmann

Gary Hofmann

“Medway Realty is a fantastic company to work for, with a supportive and collaborative work environment that fosters growth and development. Read more

Nathan Radcliffe

Nathan Radcliffe
Alan Lee web

“Andrew has provided an environment that anyone willing to put in the effort - can succeed.”

Alan Lee

"Medway Realty is an elite Mindset, Skill Set, and Leadership Training Company."

Amber Brechisci 2022 (2)

"One of the best brokerages to work for, support and team are awesome!! Lines of communication are always open. Medway Realty is not just a brokerage, it's family! As a new agent, Andrew provides everything you need to succeed. I could not ask for better!!"

Amber Brechisci

“Medway realty is the most professional and the friendliest brokerage company I have dealt with. Great leadership, training and support are what sets Medway apart from others.”

Jeff Harkey

Jeff Harkey

“Joining Medway was the best decision I have made for my real estate career. I joined the big name brokerages early in my career and after experiencing the lackluster training Read more

Matt Hamblin

Matt Hamblin 1
Cristina Dovan 1

“I am very happy to work with Medway Realty. They have a great team and are always willing to help me out. They are also very honest and forthcoming, which is huge for me. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great real estate company.”

Cristina Dovan


I dove right into real estate sales after being laid off from an Engineering position. The first brokerage I tried was stagnant. 7 agents met together with the broker once a week, with very little activity. I thought to myself: “I’m never going to make it here! Read more

Alan Myhre

"The support of the Broker, Andrew Clark with Medway Realty is on top, very hands on if needed, and always available. Support and training is readily available and the structure he provides as well as his belief in me and his push when I need it and the ear to listen has helped me grow in confidence as an agent."

Carolyn Nassif

Carolyn Nassif


Join the Agent Insights Mailing List

to get weekly insights new strategies and methods you can apply to your
business to become a Top 1% Agent in the state.

"Medway Realty is an elite Mindset, Skill Set, and Leadership Training Company."